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By Raffaella Di Marzio    

ICSA Today, Vol. 6, No. 2, 2015, pp. 12-15



The purpose of this presentation is to discuss some useful mediation methodologies to settle conflicts among religious/spiritual groups, families, and society. This paper draws on nearly eighteen years of experience in this field and gives an overall evaluation of my experience in attempting to mediate among both conflicting groups and individuals. ICSAToday

First I will share some of my experience with the mediation process in three different contexts. Second, I will speak about studies by the scholars Kelman, Burton, and Doob, whose work has dealt with conflict-resolution theory, controlled communication, and face-to-face communication. Finally, I will comment about whether these studies can be applied to the context of a cult-related conflict in which parents and children, members and former members, and religious movements and groups that support victims (or groups that are critical of cults) are involved.