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The Holy See has been following with great anxiety the recent activities undertaken by the Most Reverend Emmanuel Milingo, Emeritus Archbishop of Lusaka, with a new association of married priests, activities that have caused division and dismay among the faithful.


Church representatives at various levels have tried in vain to contact Archbishop Milingo in order to dissuade him from carrying out actions that provoke scandal, especially among the faithful who have followed his pastoral ministry with the poor and the sick.


Taking account of the understanding shown recently by the Successor of Peter towards this elderly Pastor of the Church, the Holy See has waited with patient vigilance for events to unfold; unfortunately, a situation has now arisen in which Archbishop Milingo is under an irregularity and in an increasingly open breach of communion with the Church, firstly through his attempted marriage and then, on Sunday 24 September, through the ordination of four bishops in Washington, D.C.


By this public act, both Archbishop Milingo and the four ordinands have incurred the latae sententiae excommunication that is indicated in Canon 1382 of the Code of Canon Law. Moreover, the Church does not recognize and does not intend in the future to recognize these ordinations or any ordinations derived from them, and she holds that the canonical state of the four alleged bishops is the same as it was prior to the ordination.


The Apostolic See, in its solicitude for the unity and peace of Christ’s flock, had hoped, through the fraternal action of persons close to Archbishop Milingo, that he might undergo a change of heart and return to full communion with the Pope. Unfortunately, the latest developments have dampened such hopes.


At times of ecclesial suffering like this, may the whole community of the faithful pray with great fervour.